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action with lordosis, or presenting when they reflexively stick their bits in the air basically. Homosexuality in animals can be explained as to how we think we perceive. Although

homosexual behavior is very common in the animal world, it is unheard of that animals have the desire to continually partake in homosexual behavior for very long. Thats nonsense of course. Back to School's Effect on Your Pet at Home Hill's Pet. The Jury Is Still Out, while there's been much speculation, there's no scientific evidence of various animals, especially house pets, being gay or not. Measuring Puppy Love, scientists often study two things when trying to determine whether animals can be gay: marcelo mastro gay porn actors exclusivity and longevity. If you've ever had a pet, you may have wondered if your dog or cat can be gay. Yes, yes, we all know cats have sex but what about gay sex? Do you know anyone who has kicked an animal to the curb because they thought the animal was gay? This is the question a lot of you are really asking. A male cat may confuse a neutered male cat for a female as the strong natural scent of the male urine is not present. Yesterday I caught him looking longingly at the turkey baster. Be you straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual, sexual orientation has emotional and romantic facets, too. A cats mental process is only censorial in that it is limited to sound, smell, touch, taste, and vision. Cats will see two instinctive impulses around one problem and because they lack our kind of will and problem solving, they will choose the one that is favored by the current circumstance or environment. The laws of human behavior vs animal behavior are entirely different in nature. This kind of behavior is found throughout the animal kingdom, and in order to have an idea whether its sexual or is motivated by other things, the behavior needs to be taken in context. They base their instinctive impulse purely on survival, not a choice of intellect as humans. Can cats be gay?

Gay cat

Intelligent conversation, and also help define your place in a community or communities. The best you might get is a miaow. I porn gay hot guys think weve all seen male cats mount other male cats.

After our hard-hitting investigation into whether dogs can be gay, a lot of you feline lovers out there have been similarly asking us: is my cat gay.We know humans can be gay, but what about cats?

Erin is a geek for SEO and all things social media. Exhibiting pack behaviour, cats, it is in misunderstanding that people try to compare human and animal behaviors as if the two were the same. For three to seven weeks at a time. Get all horny several times a year. What we as humans fail to understand gay love sayings is that an animals instincts free anime gay porn site are geared toward reproduction and survival.

Then well, theyre someone to whom you probably dont have to worry about coming out.It was then in horror I realized my cat thinks Im his gay lover, and that Ive been sexually pleasing him for weeks now.


Do You Believe, gay Cats, exist?

If someone sees a gay cat and their first thought is ew, how can I fix this?, I want to get rid of this cat or worse, this cat should be put down, then it probably says something about how they feel about gay people.This article is not meant to offend anyone, so please do not take it that way.Exception to Laws of Nature, when viewing homosexual acts and even cannibalism in felines, they can be viewed as exceptions to normal behavior.”